Football: IoT Comes to the Gridiron

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Football: IoT Comes to the Gridiron

Siemens announced a new technology partnership with the Jacksonville Jaguars that brings the power of the Internet of Things to TIAA Bank Field (football: IoT). Stadium manager SMG Jacksonville will deploy Siemens MindSphere, the company’s open IoT operating system, to gather detailed analytics on field status and performance to ensure playing conditions are always ideal.

On-field sensors will communicate with an analytics application on the cloud-based platform, rendered in a dashboard for site managers and ground staff to make decisions about upkeep of the pitch. The stadium and pitch also host entertainment events; the Rolling Stones are scheduled to play in July.
To collect essential turf data, the groundskeeping team at TIAA Bank Field (operated by SMG Inc.) will use the Greenkeeper Analytics application which employs six sensor boxes at the field level.

Football: IoT

Every two minutes, the sensors send real-time data for six key performance indicators (KPIs)—weather; light conditions; temperature (ground, air, roof); fertilization; and moisture (ground and air)—to a data-collection device. The device transmits the data securely to the to the MindSphere platform, which hosts the Greenkeeper analytic and asset-management software that can assess the turf conditions.
Jacksonville’s 68,000-seat TIAA Bank Field stadium is packed with smart Siemens technologies for monitoring and controlling most of the facility’s systems. However, with MindSphere-hosted advanced analytics and asset management software, very similar to the Greenkeeper Analytics application, stadium operator SMG can take the optimization of those systems to the next level: predictive maintenance.
In a predictive maintenance model, SMG can use MindSphere’s applications to, in effect, deploy an early-warning approach to systems management. HVAC, lighting, and other mechanical systems, such as elevators and escalators, can be fitted with smart sensors that monitor their performance against baseline behaviors, then alert human operators if deviations occur or unusual patterns emerge. These alerts can prompt maintenance technicians to investigate and remediate minor glitches before a costly breakdown occurs.

Technology has been one of the best-kept secret in professional sports, and we’ve seen the incredible impact it can have on a facility’s performance, the visitor experience, and for the players on the field,

said Dave Hopping, President of Siemens Smart Infrastructure, U.S.

The work being done by the Jacksonville Jaguars organization, SMG and TIAA Bank Field in partnership with Siemens is groundbreaking for the industry and truly brings the power of the Internet of Things right down to the field to take the player and fan experience to the next level.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Jacksonville Jaguars


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