First Smart Badge to Achieve IoT Security Rating

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First Smart Badge to Achieve IoT Security Rating

Global safety science leader UL announced that iSiCHECK is the first smart badge that was recognized for achieving the companies IoT Security Rating. The Bronze level rating evaluated by UL, demonstrates that the smart badge uses industry best practices for IoT-cybersecurity. In a joint venture with 4D Sistemi Informatici srl – an Italian system integrator for IT systems – the Italian electrical equipment distributor IDG Spa launched the iSiCHECK wireless smart badge. Along with its applications ecosystem and customized dashboard, iSiCHECK helps companies manage and improve workplace environments with digital contact tracing, operational efficiencies and integration with smart building systems. UL’s Security-Rating for Internet of Things Bronze level assessment helps demonstrate implementation of vital baseline security capabilities for the iSiCHECK smart badge – among them no default passwords, secure resets, and secure updates and connections.

First Smart Badge to Achieve IoT Security Rating

The IoT Security Rating is a security claim verification and labeling solution for connected consumer products that categorizes them according to an ascending five-level scale: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Verified products receive a differentiated UL Verified Mark security label – specifying the achieved security level – and are evaluated on an ongoing basis by UL. This solution helps manufacturers and developers demonstrate the security due diligence of their products by leveraging proven best practices and rating the security posture of IoT products. This improves the transparency of security with consumers and assists them in making conscious and informed purchasing decisions – while also supporting manufacturers by helping to demonstrate that their products meet the threshold of required security features.

iSiCHECK is innovating the concept of a smart badge in the workplace, to integrate digital capabilities and connectivity with smart building systems. Cybersecurity is very important for iSiCHECK to protect the data of all users and that’s why we chose UL’s IoT Security Rating to demonstrate our product’s security,

said Paolo Caraglio, president, IDG Spa and Matteo Para, CEO, 4D Sistemi Informatici srl.

We’re extremely pleased to have achieved UL’s IoT Security Rating and be the first smart badge Verified for cybersecurity. We believe that UL’s IoT Security Rating will help customers understand that iSiCHECK is a secure product that can be trusted.

As part of UL’s decades of cybersecurity experience and rapidly growing IoT security practice, we are proud to recognize iSiCHECK for earning the first IoT Security Rating for a smart badge product

said Isabelle Noblanc, global vice president and general manager of UL’s Identity Management and Security division.

UL’s Security-Rating for IoT validates and differentiates IoT cybersecurity for innovative companies globally, from technology startups to large corporations. This achievement helps verify the security due diligence iSiCHECK has built into their connected product, helps demonstrate their cybersecurity posture to the marketplace and helps support secure connected ecosystems.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: UL

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