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Drones and IoT: IFS Labs

Drones have a huge role to play in maintenance, experts believe. IFS, a German-based ERP vendor, just showcased their vision of tiny flying machines overseeing the health of bridges, power lines and building from a bird’s-eye perspective during their IFS World Conference 2016 in Goteborg, Sweden.

IFS: Drohnenflug

The on-board camera system compares live pictures with computer-generated images to detect discrepancies that could be due to damage, and can call for human help to make repairs quicker than ever. “Drones have enormous potential”, says Bas de Vos. Director of IFS Labs. „With our proof-of-concept study we can demonstrate how corporations can achieve measurable value-add through innovation and in the process significantly transform their business.”

Author: Tim Cole
Image credit: IFS Labs

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