Digital Future Initiative: Google is Up Down Under

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Digital Future Initiative: Google is Up Down Under

Google detailed plans to invest AUD1 billion ($734 million) in Australia over the next five years, earmarking initiatives around digital infrastructure and technology just months after threatening to shut down its search engine in the country over tougher government rules. Digital Future Initiative

In a statement, CEO Sundar Pichai outlined Google’s Digital Future Initiative, which will involves injecting $1 billion in areas including cloud computing and launching a research hub where it will build a team of local researchers and engineers to tackle issues, create jobs, and provide education and training.
Google explained it will also create new technology partnerships to solve Australian and global challenges, exploring clean energy and advances in quantum computing.
Pichai said

Google’s growing presence across Australia reflects our deep confidence in the future and the profound opportunities ahead.

Google’s push, which represents its largest investment in the country to date, goes some way to resetting its relations with Australia following a major row with the government. The spat related to a government move to pass a law requiring Google and Facebook to agree licensing deals with local media companies when using their content, to ensure the media businesses got a share of the royalties. Before the law was passed, Google threatened to pull its search engine in the country, stating the proposal represented an “unmanageable financial and operational risk”.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Google


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