Digital Factory: Stratasys and Siemens

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Digital Factory: Stratasys and Siemens

Stratasys Ltd. and Siemens have announced a formal partnership to integrate Siemens’ Digital Factory solutions with Stratasys’ additive manufacturing solutions. The partnership is intended to lay the foundation for the two companies to fullfil their shared vision of incorporating additive manufacturing into the traditional manufacturing workflow. Their aim is to help additive manufacturing become a universally recognized production practice which can benefit multiple industries, including aerospace, automotive and energy.

Siemens is enthusiastic about this partnership with Stratasys and the opportunity to help our customers adopt a new manufacturing mindset that we believe will result in better products produced more economically and delivered more efficiently

said Zvi Feuer, SVP manufacturing engineering software, Siemens PLM Software.

We are committed to the industrialization of additive manufacturing with all of its unique advantages, including complex part geometries, on-demand production and mass customization. This relationship helps set the course for continued innovation and leadership through the tight integration of our product lines and through collaboration on comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions.

Meanwhile, Stratasys have also introduced the next generation of their Fortus 3D printer series.
Stratasys Fortus 900mc 3D Printer - Digital Factory
The Fortus 900mc is a robust FDM Production printer built for functional prototyping, manufacturing aids, tooling and short-run direct digital manufacturing. This new generation maintains the industry’s leading accuracy and reliability, while comprising additional key features and certifications. The 3D printer allows for improved use along with a rapid installation process that saves time for the users.

Author: Tim Cole

Image credit: Stratasys Ltd.


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