Deutsche Telekom and Huawei claim 5G first

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Deutsche Telekom and Huawei claim 5G first

At the beginning of September, Deutsche Telekom and Huawei launched a pre-standard 5G network in central Berlin – the companies described this as creating Europe’s first 5G connection. According to a joint statement, the connection uses the latest 3GPP specifications to deliver a 2Gb/s connection over a 3.7GHz spectrum link. The network uses LTE as a base while 5G NR technology provides improved data rates and reduces latency.
This is only one of a number of networks being rolled-out around the world based on pre-standardised 5G technology. Results from these trials help operators develop their 5G strategies and technology ahead of anticipated commercial launch in 2020.

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn: Telekom and Huawei 5G - connected devices

With this real-world achievement, Deutsche Telekom is making its first important step towards a 5G network launch.

said  Deutsche Telkom CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn.

When the standard is defined, we will trial it in 2018 to prepare the ground for a wider deployment of commercial sites and the offering of devices for the mass market as they become available.

Author: Tim Cole

Image Credit: Huawei

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