Deep Learning Software: Expanding the limits of automated inspection

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Deep Learning Software: Expanding the limits of automated inspection

Cognex has introduced the world’s first industrial smart camera powered by Deep Learning software. This combination expands the possibilities of what can be successfully and precisely inspected in factory automation.

Deep Learning and Artifical Intelligence (AI) are among the buzzwords not only in the manufacturing industry but also in many other fields. Deep Learning, a type of AI that leverages neural networks can be easily explained: Similar to how humans learn what a house is from a large number of examples, so too can a deep learning system come to understand the nature of an object from labeled images. Whether a car’s bumper, a package’s envelope, or something else, deep learning is an examples-based approach to solving inspection challenges. Furthermore, each inspection can be czontinually improved by feeding the existing algorithm with more example image data. This new data enhances the system leading to more accurate results.

Whether this is real intelligence or not, might be discussed by experts. From a practical point of view, the benefits for manufacturers are obvious and multiple. Manufacturers still rely on human inspectors throughout the production process because traditional machine vision systems cannot handle the complexity or variability within certain tasks. But humans can be prone to inconsistent results from one human to the next, or they can tire over the course of an eight hour shift. Additionally, there are many aspects throughout production that still go uninspected from one reason or another. Both of these realities open manufacturers up to quality control issues or the chances for recalls.

Deep Learning Software Expanding the limits of automated inspection

Cognex: In-Sight D900 with Deep Learning Software

A vision system with integrated artificial intelligence, for example, is able to combine the judgement of a human inspector with the robustness and consistency of an automated solution for inspection or quality control. This is exactly the main advantage of the new In-Sight D900 vision system from Cognex.

The In-Sight D900 hardware is a compact, industry-grade smart camera that can easily be installed and deployed on the line without the need for a PC. The highly-modular, IP67-rated vision system includes field-changeable lighting, lenses, filters and covers that can be customized to match the individual application requirements.

The In-Sight D900 works with the familiar and easy-to-use spreadsheet user interface which simplifies application development and factory integration. Application engineers have access to the full suite of traditional machine vision tools, like PatMax, edge finders, and measurement tools. But, with the In-Sight ViDi, the D900 consists of three deep learning tools which all aim at specific and widespread applications: ViDi Read, ViDi Check and ViDi Detect.

These new deep learning-based inspection tools help factory automation customers easily solve applications that are too time-consuming or complex to deploy with traditional, rule-based machine vision tools.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Cognex


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