Cybersecurity: Better Protection for Mixed Networks

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Cybersecurity: Better Protection for Mixed Networks

At FIC, the International Cybersecurity Forum held in Lille, the French security software company Gatewatcher and Nozomi Networks, a specialist in OT and IoT security, recently announced they have partnered to meet rising demands for integrated cybersecurity in mixed IT, OT and IoT environments.

Gatewatcher and Nozomi Networks will work together to help industrial organizations and critical national infrastructure deploy the best possible protection against cyber threats in mixed network environments. The partnership brings deep expertise in IT and OT to address the unique needs of energy, automotive, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, defense and industrial IoT infrastructures like healthcare, transportation, smart cities and smart buildings.
With solutions from Gatewatcher and Nozomi Networks customers easily and efficiently gain:

  • Comprehensive IT/OT risks coverage
  • Clear alerts for IT/OT Security teams
  • Advanced mapping to understand cyber risks and business alerts
  • Correlated IT/OT logs

Our ability to deliver the best possible IT and OT network visibility and monitoring is a revolution in cybersecurity,

said Philippe Gillet, Gatewatcher CTO.

It allows all industries to view the state of their IT and industrial network in real time and with precision. That includes detecting abnormal behaviors with a dynamic analysis of unusual signals across both IT and OT networks.

Recognized as the market leader in OT and IoT security in the latest Frost & Sullivan Radar report, Nozomi Networks is valued for superior operational visibility, advanced OT and IoT threat detection and strength across global deployments. Nozomi Networks solutions support more than 2.6 million devices in more than 2,250 installations spanning energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, utilities and critical infrastructure. Nozomi Networks products span IT, OT and IoT to automate the hard work of inventorying, visualizing and monitoring industrial control networks through the innovative use of artificial intelligence. Use cases stretch beyond cybersecurity, and include trouble shooting, asset management and predictive maintenance.
Accredited by the French National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI), Gatewatcher specialized in innovative technologies and cybersecurity, including next generation technologies to detect Advance Persistent Threats. Gatewatcher is the first platform for digital breach detection (Intrusion Detection System) to be developed in France.

As a growing number of industrial organizations across France and around the world embrace digitalization, cyber security for their operational networks is becoming a priority,

said Edgard Capdevielle, Nozomi Networks CEO.

We are pleased to team with Gatewatcher to provide customers with effective solution for IT, OT and IoT visibility and security.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Nozomi Networks

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