Cubic Telecom delivers global Location-Based Services to Automotive OEMs

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Cubic Telecom delivers global Location-Based Services to Automotive OEMs

Cubic Telecom, a leader in global connectivity solutions for the Automotive industry announced at AutoMobility LA that it will use Microsoft Azure Location Based Services to deliver location capabilities to car manufacturers worldwide. The made demos of their Automotive Wi-Fi hotspot data solution at the Microsoft Booth at AutoMobility LA in Los Angeles.

Cubic Telecom demonstrated how its data analytics solution powered by Azure Location Based Services can help city planners, automotive OEMs and third parties to more effectively manage Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station locations, occupancy rates and overall efficiency of the infrastructure.

Cubic Telecom is aiming to enrich it’s data warehouse with additional datasets and an array of APIs, providing near real-time data access for city planners, OEMs and developers to use in their own proprietary applications.

Cubic Telecom is committed to the Microsoft Azure platform companywide for the long term,

said Barry Napier, Chairman and CEO of Cubic Telecom.

Azure  is a truly global infrastructure that is flexible, scalable and developer-friendly and it has helped us to better serve our customers. Our collaboration with Microsoft opens up tremendous opportunities for our business, and we are committed to continuous development of solutions using the Microsoft Azure platform.

Chris Pendleton, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp. added,

Cubic Telecom’s rich collection of location-based data on Microsoft Azure provides the opportunity to consider a wide range of public and private applications for customers. We’re excited to collaborate with Cubic Telecom to explore opportunities with a focus on maximizing the many benefits for the automotive ecosystem.

Author: Tim Cole
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