Continuous Asset Tracking and Fast Mass Inventory from Wirepas

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Continuous Asset Tracking and Fast Mass Inventory from Wirepas

IoT-expert Wirepas just announced a new software package for Wirepas Massive Tracking. The software suite for high-density asset tracking applications was released earlier this year. The new package is the next step in Wirepas’ ambition to offer customers a reliable, cost-efficient solution for massive and dense asset tracking. It now supports fast inventory with up to 6000 devices in a minute with no packet loss and continuous tracking of hundreds of devices moving simultaneously in the same area.

When you have large amounts of assets in a dense space, how do you track them cost-efficiently in close to real time? That’s a common challenge. It’s very hard. This is exactly what we set out to solve with Wirepas Massive Tracking, already tested and proven in real life. This second release is another step in our journey to make high-density tracking even more cutting-edge,

says Youssef Kamel, SVP, Smart Tracking at Wirepas. The new features have adavantages in applications such as

  • Datacenter operations management
  • Pallet tracking in service centers
  • Livestock monitoring and breeding in extensive facilities

The new features have been used and tested in the most advanced settings by the leaders of their trade. Now they have been added to the new Wirepas Massive Tracking software package to be used by all Wirepas partners.

The combination of high-density inventory and indoor positioning has been key to our customers’ in data centers operations, pallet service centers livestock and farming, manufacturing and logistics,

says Youssef Kamel, SVP, Smart Tracking at Wirepas.

I am super excited that we are introducing all these critical features in Wirepas Massive Tracking. All customers in logistics, farming, and industrial applications can now deploy end-to-end systems with continuous tracking and fast inventory.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Pixabay


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