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Title story: Internet of Think - Smart Industry 1/2019

Title story: IoT Made in China: The Race is On

IoT Made in China: The country is betting big on Internet of Things with huge investments in cutting edge technologies. Does this mean it will come to dominate the industry? And should the West be worried?

IoT Platforms: Powering Change - Smart Industry 1/2019

IoT Platforms: Powering Change

Data originates all around us and it lives in many places, too. Gathering it and linking it to analytics, storage, and a huge range of specialized apps is a role now being filled by IoT platforms. From the largest hyperscale cloud provider to narrowly focused niche players, it seems everyone has a slice of the pie.

Content: Title story Connected Homes: Almost there! 1/2019

Connected Homes: Almost there!

The smart home industry continues to evolve along the lines of connectivity and interoperability but many challenges remain. As the industry moves from closed to open ecosystems, business models will be freed up and continue to grow rapidly.



Editorial: Can Putin stop the Internet?

Smart People

Smart Business

IoT Made in China: The Race is On

Social Scoring in China: Big Brother squared

IoT Platforms: Powering Change – Size matters – the big four (Part 1)

IoT-Platforms: Powering Change – Small(er) – maybe beautiful (Part 2)

IoT and Commercial Insurance: Disruption insured

Interview with Marcus Weldon – Nokia Bell Labs

Anti-collision technology: Automated Safety

Smart Communication

Airborne IoT: Drone It Yourself

Airborne Networks: Drones to the rescue

Low-Earth-Orbit Satellites and IoT: The Next Space Revolution

Smart-Cities: Smarter Communities powered by smarter Tools

Micromobility: Getting E-round

Autonomous Transport: Trains and Boats and Planes

The Future of IoT: Internet of Things and its Discontents

Device Security: Race to the Edge

Edge Computing: From Big Data to Smart Data

Smart Lifestyle

IoT and Hospitality: The Robot will serve you

Column Bernd Schöne: Long-Term Storage – Going, Going – Done!

Connected Homes: Almost there!

Smart Solutions

Smart Factories: From preventive to predictive Maintenance

Wireless Deployments: Giving Antennas a remote chance

IoT at Work: Smart Companies

Column: Marco Giegerich – IoT + AI go hand in hand

Sensors – Eyes and Ears in IoT: Smarter then Ever

Column: Gerd Leonhard – Business As usual is Over



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