Connected Drains in Marseille from GreenCityZen and Sigfox

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Connected Drains in Marseille from GreenCityZen and Sigfox

French greentech pioneer GreenCityZen has selected Sigfox to install 5,000 connected drains – entry points into the river network – on the Marseille sewerage network. Seramm can now retrieve data from sensor-equipped gutters to improve their performance and reduce the number of interventions. Drains often collect waste abandoned in the streets, which causes operational problems and pollution. Drains clogged by waste don’t fulfill their purpose, and waste accumulated in the drains gets transferred into the environment during rainfall.

To address these issues, GreenCityZen developed the HummBox platform. It continuously monitors stormwater drains in sewerage networks. The application detects waste levels. With the help of the system, it is no longer necessary to travel to check if drains are full. Self-powered sensors connect directly to the Internet via the Sigfox network, and each drain is fully described into the application. The data includes size, shape, brand, images, instrumentation status, filling rate and cleaning status. The city of Marseille used to carry out 50,000 inspection visits per year, cleaning only 50% of the drains, while others lay empty.

Deploying IoT provides better data on the drains across the city and immediate visibility of the assets requiring maintenance – as well as a better insight into the type of maintenance required without an initial site visit. Collected data also provides useful statistics to the sanitation department and improves its performance.

The IoT, the latest technology in the digital transformation of our economies, has had a considerable impact. At GreenCityZen we see it as an opportunity for the environment and, with the support of Sigfox, we have been able to implement new use cases to improve the performance of the Seramm while helping to preserve our planet,

said Alexandre Boudonne, Director of Operations at GreenCityZen.

Sigfox’s mission is to digitize the physical world while committing to harnessing and delivering the benefits of IoT in ways that sustain and respect our environment. This collaboration with GreenCityZen is particularly well suited to this mission and allows us to support a high-potential “made in France” startup,

adds Patrick Cason, General Manager of Sigfox France.
By September 2021, 2,000 of Marseilles’ drains were already equipped with the HummBox solution and connected to the Sigfox network. Another 3,000 are planned to follow by 2022.
SUEZ has also called on GreenCityZen to install other types of sensors in vacuum sewer networks. The objective is to monitor the frequency of valve opening and report any problems to the operator. The Sigfox 0G network allows the sensors to communicate, even though they are sometimes buried or under a cast iron plate.

Author: Rainer CLaaßen
Image Credit: Pixabay

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