IoT Retail: Amazon’s next victim: supermarkets

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IoT Retail: Amazon’s next victim: supermarkets

Tim Cole

One-click buying is emerging as a potentially huge market for Amazon in the UK. The online retailer just announced its “Dash instant-order Button” which allows consumers to purchase anything from washing powder to diapers through a range of 40 different free branded buttons from household-name vendors such as Ariel, Gillette, Huggies, Listerine or Vanish. The buttons are powered by Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), which can be built directly into consumer products and which automatically reorders products before they run out. Amazon pioneered the IoT retail service in the U.S. last year with a Britta water pitcher that orders new filters, as well as printers that order new ink on their own. Amazon’s declared goal is to lock customers into its Amazon Prime service and edge out traditional supermarkets from the household goods market, according to a recent article in the Guardian newspaper.

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