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Column: Marco Giegerich – Avnet Connected Ecosystem

What keeps decision makers awake at night? Easy: missing the next big wave and winding up in some backwater. – Again and again, big players, market leaders in their field, struggle and go under virtually overnight. All it takes is one missed stroke, one opportunity lost. Why is it more difficult than ever to define a roadmap of products and services that will enable them to achieve sustainable results and healthy growth?

The biggest challenge is finding the right recipe. If technologies were foodstuffs, the question would be what to cook and how to cook it so that your guests will want to come back to the table time and time again. You might ask members of your family for a good entrée; how did mom make that favorite dessert for you years ago? Or you might even seek the help of professional chefs to find recipes or search through cooking websites.

Setting up a proof of concept for IoT can be easy.

Marco Giegerich
Director Vertical Markets & 3rd Party Management EMEA at Avnet Silica

IoT + AI: Marco Giegerich Avnet Silica


Just repeating the same old recipe won’t make regulars out of the occasional drop-in guest. Sometimes, you may have to ask them to try something new. Other times, your kitchen staff may complain about the new spices and sauces you are asking them to use when you try to create a completely new taste experience. The easiest way is to start with proven recipes when entering into new fields of business. Thanks to AI and having everything connected to everything else, with data available everywhere, the possibilities seem limitless. On the other hand, security requirements are growing. Just take the new EU Cybersecurity Act.

Think of Avnet Silica as a big kitchen where artisanal turnkey solutions are prepared for its customers by combining different technologies, hardware, and software, including “special sauce” artificial intelligence algorithms. At our series of AI Discovery Days events, for instance, Avnet developers showcased more than 20 state-of-the-art system solutions, giving decision makers an insight into future trends, available technologies, and real AI/machine learning (ML) implementations to address their specific needs. For attendees, this was the perfect environment to discuss new, thought-leading ideas in fields like semiconductors, embedded software, cloud computing, and AI.

It seems setting up a proof of concept can be easy, allowing customers to start field-testing and fine-tuning their solutions; the aim being to move to “proof of value” with the least possible investment in time and resources. The Avnet Connected Ecosystem for IoT is growing rapidly. Through the recent acquisition of Witekio, we have been able to add even more expertise not only in embedded software but also in cloud computing and security. Softweb, which has also become part of the Avnet family, has made the IoT Connect platform available to our customers, along with AI in the cloud, data science, and digital development services. Through our strategic alliance with security specialist Trusted Objects, we have been able to extend our capabilities to support and design secure IoT products.

All this means that it is easier than ever to take a proven solution to the next level of innovation, while at the same time reducing complexity and cutting costs. In turn, that means no more sleepless nights for those in charge of making the right business decisions.

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