Cloud IoT: IBM’s Watson Well On Its Way

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Cloud IoT: IBM’s Watson Well On Its Way

IBM is spreading its wings across the European market after securing several new cloud customers in healthcare, logistics, energy and other industries. This shows how many prospective clients are using IBM’s Cloud IoT for their AI, machine learning and blockchain capabilities. For instance, French bank Credit Mutuel is deploying IBM Watson virtual assistants across all of its business lines, whereas Koopman Logistics, based in the Netherlands, will aim to track and trace consignments across its supply chain through IBM’s blockchain. Italian media firm Gruppo 24 Ore, Spanish digital health provider Teckel Medical, UK-based RS Components, and lighting solutions firm Osram AG, based in Germany are also in the list for the Cloud IoT service.
Bret Greenstein, global vice president of IBM Watson Internet of Things Offerings, said:

IBM announced a 3 billion US-Dollar investment globally to bring AI and the Internet of Things to market together in 2015. By bringing together the IoT with Watson AI, IBM is delivering on that investment and leading a global movement around IoT, not only helping clients make sense of exponential volumes of data from millions of connected devices, but also by helping clients to explore new business models, create service excellence, transform their industries and eliminate inefficiencies.

Watson, named after IBM’s first CEO, Thomas J. Watson, was developed by a research teamin IBM’s DeepQA project and introduced in 2013, is capable of answering questions posed in natural language. The headquarters of IBM’s Watson business unit was the first to be based outsode the United States in Munich, Germany.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Wikimedia

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