Cloud-hosted RFID platform: Microsoft Teams With Detego for Retail Tracking

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Cloud-hosted RFID platform: Microsoft Teams With Detego for Retail Tracking

Detego, a leading RFID (Radio-frequency identification) provider for the retail industry, is working with Microsoft to develop their cloud-hosted RFID platform. The Detego platform is an end-to-end solution used by several global retailers in over 2,000 stores, warehouses and factories which accurately tracks products and digitizes processes from source to store. Joining Microsoft’s FastTrack and co-sponsorship programs will allow Detego to accelerate the deployment of its advanced ‘smart features’ that sets their solution apart such as automated planograms and in-store ‘Money Mapping’.

As part of Microsoft’s FastTrack program, Detego will be working alongside Microsoft architects as they continue to build the most sophisticated RFID platform on the market. The aim is to build upon the unique scalable model of the platform as well as develop new smart features that leverage Artificial Intelligence and big data. Detego is a big proponent of the potential of AI and RFID and is continuing to pioneer innovations such as automated store planograms and shop floor ‘Money Mapping’. Alongside Microsoft, Detego’s data science team will continue to develop these smart features and push the limits of what RFID can do for retail.

We are thrilled to be working with Microsoft, both as part of the Fast-Track program and the co-sponsorship program,

said Leonid Sokolovskiy, Director Software Development.

Hosting the platform on Azure has always been vital for us. To be recognized and backed by Microsoft in such a way is fantastic. As software specialists, we have always seen the performance and scope of our platform as our main point of difference, so we are looking forward to working with Microsoft to take the platform even further and build the definitive RFID solution for retail.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Detego

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