Cloud Computing: Strategic Partnership between NXP and Alibaba

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Cloud Computing: Strategic Partnership between NXP and Alibaba

NXP Semiconductors announced a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing and business unit of Alibaba Group. The two companies are planning to enable development of secure smart devices for edge computing applications and to develop solutions for the Internet of Things. As part of the partnership, the Alibaba IoT operating system „AliOS Things„ has been integrated onto NXP applications processors, microcontroller chips, and Layerscape multicore processors. NXP’s i.MX and Layerscape processors are currently the only embedded systems on the market using the Alibaba Cloud TEE OS platform.

As the leader of IoT innovation in China, Alibaba Cloud has launched a range of IoT basic and content services to support the demands of cloud computing, big data, AI, cloud integration and security. Alibaba Cloud IoT kit has launched more than 200 categories, with a total of more than 10 million sets of sales,

said Li Zheng, NXP global senior vice president and President of Greater China.

Our partnership with Alibaba Cloud will promote the continuous and steady expansion of NXP’s technological advantages for edge computing and IoT security, and will support the long-term and secure development of China’s IoT ecosystem.

Cloud Computing: Ku Wei General Manager of IoT of Alibaba Cloud

Ku Wei General Manager of IoT of Alibaba CloudNX

We share the same vision as NXP on providing advanced and secure IoT solutions for an ‘everything connected’ world,

said Ku Wei, General Manager of IoT of Alibaba Cloud.

Based on the integration of AliOS Things with NXP’s applications processors and microcontroller chips, our comprehensive solution will better serve the development of China’s local commercial and manufacturing industries.

With the partnership between NXP and Alibaba Cloud Link in the field of IoT security, NXP becomes a council member of the ICA IoT Connectivity Alliance. The two companies plan to jointly develop solutions to support application development in different fields including smart manufacturing and smart city. NXP’s products are already widely used in smart homes, smart cities, smart transportation, and secure connectivity.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: NXP

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