Canoo: World’s First Subscription-only car

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Canoo: World’s First Subscription-only car

Why buy a car when you can get one Subscription-only car instead? Los Angeles based company Canoo has unveiled its first electric vehicle (EV), which boasts an unconventional design with a much roomier interior than most existing automobile designs. The developers claim that transportation is becoming increasingly electric, shared, and autonomous, and believe it’s time to rethink what a car should look like. As a result, all unused space inside the vehicle has been utilized. By eliminating compartmentalization, the Canoo is like an urban loft on wheels – having the interior space of a large SUV, with room for up to seven people, but housed within the exterior footprint of a compact car. Underneath the plastic body panels is a steel framework that was designed for ease of construction in addition to crash safety. Mounted on this structure is what the manufacturer calls a “skateboard” floor which houses the motors, brakes, suspension, and battery pack.

This proprietary architecture houses the batteries and electric drive train. All future vehicles of the company will share the same skateboard construction so that different cabins, or “top hats”, can be married to create different vehicles. The Canoo lacks a mechanical steering column, the driving yoke being entirely steer-by-wire, which allows the developers a great deal of freedom in determining the overall interior layout. Canoo was founded in December 2017 by an experienced group of auto industry veterans from companies like BMW, Icon Aircraft, and Uber. Their idea was to build a safe and affordable EV that could be sold in a way that embraced convenience and a growing sharing economy. The company plans to offer a no-hassle and commitment-free EV subscription for a “monthly, affordable price” and with no fixed end date. The subscription may include services such as registration, maintenance, insurance management, and power charging – all done from an app. Launch of the first Subscription-only car is scheduled for 2021.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Company


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