CA Introduces Biometric Payment Cards

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CA Introduces Biometric Payment Cards

The French banking group Crédit Agricole is testing contactless payment cards with integrated fingerprint readers in a pilot project with 200 customers. The biometric Payment cards in use come from G+D Mobile Security.

The pilot project with payment cards from G+D Mobile Security will be carried out by Crédit Agricole Touraine Poitou from June 2019 and is the first of its kind in France with this technology. It is scheduled for a period of six months, managed by Credit Agricole Payment Services, the market launch of the tested technology is planned for 2020.
G+D’s biometric payment cards with integrated fingerprint reader enable Crédit Agricole customers to make quick and easy contactless payments. All one needs to do is place a finger on the impression reader to securely authorize the payment process. As a result, they are no longer subject to the usual limit of 30 Euros for contactless cards.
The cards used in the pilot project will be produced and personalized by the security technology group G+D Mobile Security. They offer the highest level of security, personal data protection and performance. Other partners involved in the project are NXP Semiconductors and Mastercard.
Gabrielle Bugat, Head of Financial Services Solutions at G+D Mobile Security, comments:

The future belongs to payment solutions that are both convenient and secure: Crédit Agricole is ringing in this future now, with our biometric card solution that ensures at all times the protection of the user through Security by Design.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Crédit Agricole

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