Boston Dynamics Spot Mini: Man’s New Best Friend – the Robo-Dog

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Boston Dynamics Spot Mini: Man’s New Best Friend – the Robo-Dog

Boston Dynamics, a specialist in life-like robots, has announced a robo-dog. Boston Dynamics Spot Mini, which is scheduled to be available in early 2020, is a 66-pound canine robot that can operate for about 90 minutes on a single battery charge. The nimble robot can climb stairs and traverse rough terrain. It uses stereo cameras to avoid obstacles and people as it moves through a home or dynamic work site.

However, Boston Dynamics Spot Mini is not destined to become your next cuddly pet as it is primarily trained to autonomously accomplish industrial sensing and remote operation needs and is built to be a rugged and customizable platform. A price has not yet been announced.

Update: The SpotMini is now available as Spot – the new smaller version of the Spot Classic robot.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Boston Dynamics


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