Bosch launches IoT image campaign #LikeABosch

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Bosch launches IoT image campaign #LikeABosch

#LikeABosch is the hashtag of a global image campaign the German supplier of technology and services Bosch launched at CES 2019. The campaign aims to get the message across that Bosch is a leading provider of connected products and solutions. The main plank of the campaign is a hip-hop video clip featuring a protagonist who is a savvy IoT user.

Bosch is entering new territory with its #LikeABosch campaign; the decidedly different approach and tone marks a departure for the company, which was founded in 1886. The clip picks up a theme of “like a boss” videos and memes that have gone viral on the internet. The Bosch-Campaign tries to put a fresh spin on this internet phenomenon. The young man in the video is always on top of things, thanks to connected IoT-solutions – with a Smartphone in his hand, he operates his car, lawn mower, or coffee machine.

We’ve picked up on a global internet sensation and reinterpreted it with a humorous touch,

says Boris Dolkhani, head of brand management at Bosch.

Where the internet of things is concerned, all roads lead to Bosch. That’s the campaign’s clear message.

The company aims to spark a viral IoT movement, spreading this message across all the relevant communication channels in order to reach a mass audience. Bosch is counting on its 400,000 or more associates to further the cause by liking and sharing these videos. Further clips featuring products for the two IoT domains of connected mobility and connected living are to follow later in the year. The image campaign created by Jung von Matt, a Hamburg, Germany-based advertising agency, is to be rolled out across digital and social media channels.
Bosch sold 38 million web-enabled products in 2017. 20 percent of its roughly 27,000 software developers focus exclusively on the IoT. Bosch expects the global IoT market to grow by 35 percent a year to reach an annual volume of 250 billion U.S. dollars by 2020. Those prospects have prompted the company to pursue ambitious goals, and it is now aiming to have internet connectivity in all its electronic devices by that time. Moreover, data-based services will be offered for each device, with artificial intelligence set to play a key role here.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Bosch

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