Battery-less Industrial Tracking Tags

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Battery-less Industrial Tracking Tags

UWINLOC, the company that developed the first battery-less connected tracking tags system, has launched a new line of tags to address use cases in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. The system offers reliable precision tracking entirely based on energy harvesting. The platform connects clients to their tagged items (spare parts, equipment, machinery, etc.) for all-around visibility on the supply chain allowing smooth production flows.

The new system uses improved geolocation capabilities in metallic environments, longer reading ranges, quick refresh rates, light infrastructure configuration, and reliable tracking accuracy. UWINLOC’s software platform includes additional application features which allows the use of tracking data for insights from the entire production site. UWINLOC promises an improvement of stock management by 26%. During the development, a major automobile manufacturer who previously faced heavy financial losses due to misplaced items, increased productivity of 2,000 hours for a site of 200 operators.

UWINLOC now works on “Flexible Tag” and “Intelligent Tag”. The Flexible Tag can adapt to a range of products in different sizes and shapes. The Intelligent Tags will be able to locate materials in Real Time (RTLS) without batteries, integrating sensor characteristics such as temperature and speed measurements.

UWINLOC claims that 95% of the market does not have a digitized solution to address their needs. The lack of a proper solution to automate internal processes hinders the industry from meeting client demands like delivering equipment on time or doing certification in time. With a growing market worth of nearly $50 billion, there are high expectations for smart integrated tracking solutions that will enable an efficient industry.

Eric Cariou, CEO of UWINLOC, said:

Our clients themselves are experiencing the value that the UWINLOC tracking tags solution brings to the sector. We’ve introduced the first battery-less technology in the market to exist, one that is reliable and adapted to a multitude of use cases at a fraction of the cost but sticking to a quality product. By doing this, we’re enabling businesses to transform and optimize their sites worldwide.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: UWINLOC

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