Avnet Introduces IoTConnect Software Platform and Smart Connectivity Solutions

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Avnet Introduces IoTConnect Software Platform and Smart Connectivity Solutions

Avnet has announced its IoTConnect cloud-based software platform and a portfolio of smart, market-ready connectivity solutions built around it. It is designed to help organizations jump-start development of IoT-enabled systems and services. The IoTConnect platform and a selection of innovative smart solutions were first demonstrated at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

IoTConnect utilizes Microsoft’s Azure hybrid cloud computing service to enable the seamless distribution and analysis of data across cloud and on-premise systems. Azure’s security and connectivity protocols allow IoTConnect users to develop and deploy apps and solutions with their own choice of tools, applications and frameworks.

Collaborating with 14 leading suppliers across its IoT partner ecosystem, Avnet has also developed a broad selection of smart, market-ready connectivity solutions that leverage the IoTConnect platform to tackle business challenges common to many industry verticals –among them manufacturing, medical, environmental, construction, retail, food processing and smart city. These digital solutions can be deployed out of the box or tailored to meet segment-specific requirements. Avnet’s smart solutions combine advanced software capability with state-of-the-art silicon component technologies to transform real-time operational data into insightful information enabling more informed, strategic decision-making.

Avnet recognizes that concerns such as security risk, unexpected downtime, low efficiency and information latency frequently hinder organizations’ ability to capture the full potential of digitization,

said Lou Lutostanski, Avnet vice president, Internet of Things.

IoTConnect, supported by Microsoft Azure, not only helps mitigate these risks, but enables enterprises to generate intelligence that will make their organizations more productive, secure and competitive in the digital age.

In the aftermath of CES, Avnet will launch a series of customer training sessions to help simplify the complexity of building IoT solutions and scaling them for mass distribution. They can be accessed via www.avnet.com/IoT.

Author: Tim Cole
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