Automation Platform: Red Lion Enables Rugged, Optimized Connectivity and Automation at the Edge

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Automation Platform: Red Lion Enables Rugged, Optimized Connectivity and Automation at the Edge

Red Lion´s FlexEdge Intelligent Edge Automation Platform brings industrial data together as never before to transform edge computing. FlexEdge provides a scalable solution to integrate complex multi-vendor environments into digital transformation strategies, while providing a futureproof solution for changing application needs.

Now combines the scalability of Linux with the power of Crimson 3.2 software into one operating system according to its maker. This fusion enables a single FlexEdge controller to provide advanced networking, security and automation. By integrating information technology and operational technology, FlexEdge promises to help customers reduce costs, improve data security, and increase productivity.
Powered by Crimson 3.2 software, the FlexEdge Edge Automation Platform enables customers to modify controller functionality as application needs change. Customers can enable additional functionality through field-unlockable software upgrades that eliminate the need to purchase or add more equipment, saving both money and unnecessary downtime.

With FlexEdge´s modular communications sleds, users can now deploy multi-cellular radio gateways for critical communications applications, according to Red Lion. And, for environments with demanding requirements, the platform offers multiple isolated serial ports, routable Ethernet ports, optional serial, USB, Wi-Fi, cellular communications sleds, and field-installable I/O.

In today’s market, we see innovation accelerating at breakneck pace. And that’s terrific. But it makes it hard for customers to cost-effectively plan for the future. Too often they have no choice but to make costly capital investments, scrap existing equipment or both. The FlexEdge architecture answers their challenges. It adapts as quickly as needs change. No matter where a company is in their digital transformation journey, FlexEdge starts where they are, and helps future proof optimization plans,

said Colin Geis, data acquisition and IIoT product manager.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Red Lion


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