Augury Halo: IoT predictive analysis

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Augury Halo: IoT predictive analysis

Augury, an IoT startup specializing in IoT predictive analysis, has introduced a system called Halo which is supposed able to predict mechanical failures in smart facilities. The system’s ability to provide actionable insights from machine data is expected to lead to increased equipment life, improved machine reliability and more efficient operations.

The Industrial IoT is changing the way the industry makes informed decisions based on real-time data,

said Saar Yoskovitz, CEO of Augury.

Halo shortens the time to action – from the earliest signs of malfunction to remediation.”

Augury Halo uses vibration, ultrasound and other types of sensing technologies to detect equipment malfunctions and provide detailed, actionable recommendations for maintaining the health status of any machine. The algorithms use vast amounts of collected data from a variety of different machines to build a model of how malfunctioning equipment behaves.

Halo Augury Mechanical Diagnostics: IoT predictive analysis

With the rise of connected sensors and artificial intelligence, facilities will be able to mitigate downtime, lower maintenance costs and maximize energy usage to reduce environmental impact,  believes. By providing continuous, automated analysis of equipment performance, Halo ‘s goal is to avoid catastrophic equipment failures and downtime altogether.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Augury

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