Augmented Identity: Capgemini In  Partnership With IDEMIA

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Augmented Identity: Capgemini In Partnership With IDEMIA

Capgemini will enter into a partnership agreement with IDEMIA, a leading company in Augmented Identity, aiming to introduce a secure IoT device management platform which reinforces secure connectivity for a vast array of devices and data. This agreement is a step towards meeting the growing need for the connectivity and security of smart objects.

The joint platform intends to bring security and connectivity to smart devices while simplifying the device on-boarding, configuration and integration with existing customer back-end systems. For example, an e-health app gives doctors flexibility in taking care of their patients via an exchange of critical data and provides them with the possibility to make smarter decisions based on authenticated and encrypted devices, secured access to change parameters and secure data flow. It also enables machines and devices to connect, to predict and prevent fluctuations.
Jean-Pierre Petit, Director of Digital Manufacturing at Capgemini said,

The basic foundation of product or industrial analytics and AI is connectivity coupled with security. Capgemini’s agreement with IDEMIA will provide a unique, fully agnostic, configurable and highly secure platform from an end-point device to the cloud.

The platform will be based on Capgemini’s IoT device management platform X-IoT, which securely connects and manages any type of gateway and protocols to the cloud, plus IDEMIA’s M-TRUST solution, which guarantees device security of all collected data, command and configurations sent to devices. It can be used for all kinds of devices, from simple smart health devices and smart valves to supply water to a city, through to industrial machinery and devices.
Yves Portalier, Executive Vice-President for Connected Objects activities at IDEMIA said:

We are thrilled to join forces with Capgemini, given the excellent fit of our mutual services. Boosted by our M-TRUST solution, IDEMIA brings its globally reputed expertise to Capgemini with a view to stepping up security for Capgemini’s clients involved in various sectors that are complementary to those we serve.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: IDEMIA

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