Asset Management: Catching up With Auto Thieves

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Asset Management: Catching up With Auto Thieves

Queclink, a world leading supplier of IoT devices and technologies, and Sigfox, the 0G network pioneer and the world’s leading IoT service provider, have announced a partnership to focus on asset management and stolen vehicle recovery (SVR).

Queclink and Sigfox share a common goal to empower a future where the physical world is connected to the digital universe. Queclink as an IoT hardware designer and manufacturer inspires data-driven solutions with smart devices, while Sigfox has revolutionized connectivity for IoT devices with its low power, low cost and long range 0G network spanning 72 countries.
These two leading IoT brands have joined forces to enhance asset management and SVR solutions worldwide. The first milestone of the partnership is marked by the launch of the GL52S, Queclink’s first Sigfox integrated tracking device.
The GL52S is resistant to jamming, largely used by auto thieves, thanks to one of the many benefits of Sigfox’s network. With its small footprint and over 4-year standby time, the GL52S is an ideal covert device for vehicle and static asset tracking, as it combines Queclink’s deep expertise in designing battery-powered asset trackers with the Sigfox network that features low energy consumption, cost effectiveness and scalability.
Queclink and Sigfox will work together to uncover hidden potential of IoT with more products to come with different form factors and targeted applications.
“Sigfox is delighted to partner with Queclink, one of the leading vendors in the global SVR market,” says Ajay Rane, VP of Global Ecosystem Development at Sigfox. “Sigfox and Queclink are delivering compelling IoT solutions to SVR customers that leverage core competencies of both companies such as jamming resistance, innovative design, value priced small form factor devices, and industry leading global coverage for asset tracking and recovery.”

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Queclink


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