Ambrosus Launches Blockchain-IoT Platform for Supply Chain Transparency

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Ambrosus Launches Blockchain-IoT Platform for Supply Chain Transparency

Ambrosus, which provides a Blockchain-IoT (Internet of Things) platform for quality assurance in food and pharmaceutical supply chains, has announced the launch of its mainnet, known as AMB-NET 1.0. The mainnet lets companies record public and private supply chain data on the Ambrosus blockchain to ensure product quality. The platform has created a universally verifiable, community-driven ecosystem to guarantee the safety and origins of essential products—such as medicine, food and commodities—in real time, the company reports. Organizations can record their supply chain data through the Ambrosus network using the AMB native token, by putting their public data and certain aspects of their private data on the Ambrosus blockchain.

The supply chain industry to date has been subject to the limitations of human error and antiquated record-keeping systems,

said Angel Versetti, Ambrosus’ CEO and co-founder, in a prepared statement.

The Ambrosus mainnet represents a significant step forward toward the creation of a truly transparent and traceable global supply chain. Through the implementation of the Ambrosus mainnet, we can guarantee that the quality of every product created by our partner companies—including essentials like food and pharmaceuticals—meets with the high standards required by their valued customers.

The mainnet introduces masternodes to the blockchain platform, ensuring improved service and uptime for companies that use the Ambrosus network. Under the new masternode system, the updated Ambrosus application programming interface (API) allows networked device sensors or applications to send information to Ambrosus. Each masternode ensures the verification and security of these companies’ data. In addition, the cost of storing such data is defined with respect to the financial value that the system provides to each company.
AMB-NET 1.0 features updates that facilitate efficient interactions with business’s existing IT systems. Core functions of AMB-Net 1.0 include the designation of asset identity, as well as the ability to track the storage, transportation, delivery and temperature conditions of assets throughout the supply chain lifecycle.

Author: Tim Cole
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