Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf orders supplies

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Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf orders supplies

Amazon’s Dash Smart Shelf: In many companies, lot of work time goes into monitoring and managing the consumption and reordering of supplies like printer paper to run operations. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses this can become time-consuming. Vendor-managed inventory is often inflexible, with restrictions based on minimum orders or service area. Automated replenishment and inventory management options available today are often tailored for industrial applications, and can be expensive and difficult to implement for smaller companies. Amazon addresses this problem with the – the device is positioned to let SMB customers take restocking essential supplies off their to-do list.
The Shelf is a weight-sensing, Wi-Fi-enabled smart scale. It can track inventory for a commonly used product, and automatically reorder when supplies run low. Amazon Business customers will get business-only prices on a great selection of products, and savings of up to 15 percent on orders for select products when they are placed with the help of Dash Smart Shelf.
The setup is easy: After powering up the device and connecting it to a Wi-Fi, customers log in to their Amazon Business account via the web or the Amazon Shopping app. They select a product they want to replenish when supplies are getting low. After this setup, products can be put on the shelf, which senses when the product is running low and then automatically reorders more. The device is approximately 1-inch-tall, and will be available in three models – small (7” x 7”), medium (12” x 10”), and large (18” x 13”).
Dash Smart Shelf can help customers keep stocked up on office necessities like printer paper and pens, toilet paper and paper towels, IT and peripherals, breakroom items like coffee and snacks, maintenance repair, operational needs, and common restaurant goods such as plates, napkins, and plastic utensils.
When supplies are running low, Dash Smart Shelf can perform two functions: Place a replenishment order automatically, or send a notification to the owner. Customers can also check on stock levels any time through the Amazon Shopping app or from an Amazon Business account.
Dash Smart Shelf will be made available to Amazon Business customers with a registered U.S. business license within 2020.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Amazon


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