Akenza Connects to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

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Akenza Connects to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

Swiss IoT solutions provider Akenza AG has announced the integration of Microsoft’s Azure IoT Hub as a new Output Connector on its proprietary Akenza IoT platform.

Using Low Power (LPWAN) connectivity technologies such as LoRaWAN and Sigfox to reduce energy consumption and keep the data packets as small as possible, Akenza devices send their data via a payload encoded in formats that differ from standard data payloads. Until now, this has complicated their setup and use in the Microsoft Azure IoT Ecosystem with all its features, leaving many potential use cases unfeasible. The new Azure IoT Hub output connector of Akenza will improve the state of things.
Akenza new connector offers a low-code IoT platform allowing you to build IoT products and services by connecting, controlling, and managing such IoT devices, enabling further data processing in 3rd party applications with less effort.

Akenza Connects to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

graphic: Akenza

Specifically, it is now possible for akenza users to connect their Azure IoT Hub instance as a data destination. Device data from the akenza platform can simply be processed to the specific Azure IoT Hub and be further used for any Azure product. The process of connecting the specific Azure IoT Hub to akenza can be done in a few clicks on Data Flow level and is entirely automated, enabling a secure, reliable communication between any Low Power sensor and the Azure IoT Hub.

I am really delighted to see such straight-forward applications from our innovative Swiss start-up partner. Akenza proves once more that IoT can be simplified through an appealing low-code platform and an ever-growing ecosystem,

said Maruscha Heyner, Head of Partnerships & Marketing, Microsoft for Startups Switzerland.
Fabian Gerschwiler, Product Manager at Akenza, said:

We are thrilled to offer such a great integration for our customers. Using advanced data analytics and other native Azure services is key for our corporate clients, and allows the joint use of akenza and azure with the best from both worlds.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Akenza

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