AI System: Human Writers Are Out at MediaMarktSaturn Group

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AI System: Human Writers Are Out at MediaMarktSaturn Group

Media Markt/Saturn has created an AI system that writes the product descriptions for its catalogs and webshops. The aim is to ease the human online team’s day to day workload.

The MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group is a German holding company and the leading consumer electronics retailer in Europe with headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. The Group operates more than 1000 stores and offers online shopping in 15 countries in Europe. The group sells some 350,000 products, and stock changes are frequent. Since descriptions of the type of product sold by the group consist for the most part of technical specifications and data, it is relatively easy to generate boilerplate by using Natural Language Generation (NLG), a type of artificial intelligence software that transforms structured data into natural language. The same technology is used to generate short blurbs of text in chatbots and call centers which can be read out by text-to-speech systems. MediaMarktSaturn is teaming up with Retresco, a Berlin-based specialist in the field of AI-driven content automation and a pioneer in the field of so-called “robo-journalism” founded in 2008.

The more products and online shop offers, the greater the more costly it becomes to provide unique and informative product descriptions using human text writers

says Florian Spengler, project manager at Retresco. Automated systems also generally do a better job in ticking all the boxes for search engine optimization so that products rank higher with Google & Co. At the same time, the AI system is capable of analyzing the overall inventory performance and aiding product managers in choosing what product category to focus on. During the start-up phase, the new system generated over 210,000 product descriptions covering more than 400 product categories. The system will be gradually rolled out to cover MediaMarktSaturn’s entire stock.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

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