AI and 4K:  A Drone Smarter than the Rest

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AI and 4K: A Drone Smarter than the Rest

Manufacturer Skydio wants to produce drones that are useful because they are smart. The US-based company has introduced the Skydio 2 line which combines artificial intelligence AI and a 4K camera that can shoot up to 60 frames per second.

It has a wireless range of 3.5 kilometers and 23 minutes of flight time – and is small enough to be carried in a small backpack. The drone uses artifcial intelligence for control, opening up its use to new audiences. The Skydio Autonomy Engine can make observations simultaneously in every direction thanks to six 4K cameras, and it can make intelligent decisions to fly smoothly around obstacles while capturing videos and photos.

The mobile app is designed to look more like a camera app than a cockpit, allowing the company to claim that a person who can use a camera on their phone can also fly Skydio 2. An optional controller delivers a flying experience by combining the precision of joysticks with 360-degree, high-speed, trustworthy obstacle avoidance that enables users to fly the drone through narrow gaps – forwards, backwards, or sideways – or skim a surface. The Skydio Beacon allows the drone to track objects or people through augmenting visual tracking via GPS. The company has announced a starting price of $999.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Skydio


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