Advanced Health Monitoring Platform for Senior Care

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Advanced Health Monitoring Platform for Senior Care

Essence SmartCare, a leader in IoT-based remote care solutions, today announced the launch of VitalOn, a comprehensive remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform for active seniors and older adults living with chronic conditions.Senior Care

VitalOn introduces a new concept to the care market by combining telecare, wellness and RPM capabilities into a single, connected platform. The system is always on, providing continuous monitoring and chronic conditions management for a wide range of healthcare needs, both in the home and on the go. It continually gathers and analyzes patient data from multiple health and monitoring devices to facilitate proactive, predictive and preventative care.
VitalOn is easily installed through a gateway with multiple connectivity options and is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled medical devices. The platform continuously monitors wellbeing parameters and routine vital signs to detect and alert users, carers or clinicians in case of abnormal activity. It optimizes the user experience by addressing aging-related issues and chronic conditions, including diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure without the need to rely on smartphone or tablet apps.
Essence SmartCare, an Israel-based technology company that is part of Essence Group, was launched eight years ago to offer Internet of Things (IoT) platforms for healthcare and senior-care providers. Its telecare solutions include fall-protection emergency buttons and movement detectors to identify if an individual may require assistance, whether that person is in a home or a retirement facility. The system, known as VitalOn Connected Care, combines telecare and telehealth to keep doctors apprised of patients’ conditions, and it reminds patients to take necessary measurements (such as blood pressure readings), while alerting them if they should call their doctor.
The solution is intended not only for seniors living independently, Pal explains, but also for younger people who may need some level of healthcare services but wish to avoid excessive visits to medical centers. A typical user might be someone with a condition that requires monitoring, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, or an elderly person who requires overall health management on a regular basis to ensure they remain active and healthy.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Essence SmartCare

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