5G Deployment:  Vodafone starts in 5 Irish Cities

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5G Deployment: Vodafone starts in 5 Irish Cities

Vodafone Ireland has extended its trial 5G network site in Dublin as it prepares for a commercial launch of the mobile technology later this year. A spokesman for the operator announced that is has launched the first commercial 5G deployment in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford.

At its launch event, the company said that it will continue the roll-out to more Irish locations over the coming months. The telecoms firm opened its first test network site at Dublin’s docklands in November of last year.
Vodafone Ireland has partnered with Ericsson to become the first Irish operator to launch commercial 5G in Ireland. The network consists of fully standardised Ericsson 5G new radio cell site being deployed over Vodafone Ireland’s recently acquired 5G spectrum. Vodafone Ireland will use this site to trial the latest 5G hardware, software and services as they become available in advance of 5G products hitting the market, and will continue to expand coverage in the area over the coming months.
Vodafone’s new 5G deployment will not only provide faster speeds for customers but is set to have a huge impact on technology use and adoption in most industry verticals. Vodafone Ireland chief executive Anne O’Leary has said that 5G is not a substitute for fibre broadband in rural areas. And in cities, while 5G will match many home broadband speeds, 5G phone plans will have much lower monthly data allowances.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Vodafone Ireland

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