SaaS: Seebo and Autodesk

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SaaS: Seebo and Autodesk

Seebo, a leading provider of SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, is offering its customers a way to link directly to Autodesk Forge cloud-based software in order to create smart products faster and more efficiently. Users designing 3D models on the Autodesk Forge platform can now add smart functionality for IoT enablement by going through the Seebo platform.

“The joint platform allows manufacturers to tap into the world of IoT efficiently and cost-effectively,”

said Lior Akavia, co-founder and CEO of Seebo. Seebo’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform lets customers develop smart, connected products. By intuitively connecting to Autodesk design apps like Fusion 360, users can drag and drop components (such as connectivity, motion and location features, etc.) into a product design framework, thus transforming simple products into smart ones.
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With the ability to upload 3D models from Autodesk Forge into the Seebo IoT Creator, users can assign smart behaviors or features directly onto a 3D model and map where smart behaviors will be applied to the final product. Once the product goes to market, Seebo platform users can harness Seebo’s IoT cloud provider partnerships to monitor, manage and track performance of the smart product.

Author: Tim Cole
Image credit: Seebo

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